The C.E.O Omo Alausa Foundation in person of Dr. Olayinka Alausa was honoured by Federation of Epe Division Student Association, Lagos State University Chapter ( FEDSA LASU) with a merit award towards his selfless services to the development of Epe Division.

The event that sight as an opening program to all Epe indigenous sons and daughters both home and abroad to come home and invest into the division for rapid development for the benefits of the communities and the people living in the division.

Dr. Olayinka Alausa said he was so glad to received the award nomination and belief that he was recognize based on the Foundation activities not on popularity sake and encourage the students to equip themselves on things that will benefit them and also develop the habits of giving back to the division, no matter how small it may be, there are some people that will need such littles for living.

He also promise the student that the Foundation mission and values to the people shall not change and continue to engaged the masses with all our activities.

Hardworking with total dedication can drive you far, never limit yourself towards what you have now, dream big and shun criminal activities within and outside the campus. Shun cultism and examination malpractice.

Thank you all.

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