Welfare Package

Every individual deserves a good health, dignity, security, economic  independence and a happy life irrespective of age, sex, religion and cultural orientation. Sadly, many cannot afford this quality life on their own either due to age, disability, circumstances of birth etc. Regardless of the fact that we all know this truth as human beings, we often disregard these sets of people for selfish gratification. However, this social inequality and gap can be addressed and reduced significantly if we all assist and support these peculiar individuals amongst us.


The solution to the challenges confronting orphans, the less-privileged, the elderly population and those with disabilities, lies in the social welfare package. Welfare is an important tool for redistribution, social cohesion and solidarity which is at the heart of this foundation. Omo Alausa Foundation cannot afford to join the crowd of people that are insensitive to the sufferings of the orphans, the less-privileged and those with disabilities around us. This foundation will not also join the queue of people who have but do not care for the aged. Hence, our foundation has rolled out a robust vitality welfare package within our scope of service to thus:

  • Provide monthly welfare package to the orphanage
  • Provide monthly welfare package to the less-privileged among a
  • targeted population
  • Provide monthly welfare package to the poor elderly population unable to care for themselves around us
  • Provide monthly packages, assistive technologies and other forms of assistance to those with disabilities in any place of interest.

Appeal for Support

Considering the enormity of the problems we are called to solve in our  society and the limited resources of the Omo Alausa Foundation, we appeal to the general public, private individuals, multinational companies, corporate organizations, International Organizations and other notable philanthropic bodies to support our lofty vision and contribute towards improving the well-being of our people. Together we can create that ideal society of our dream. 

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Email: omoalausafoundation@gmail.com