Educational Services

Education remains the greatest and most reliable asset and investment any nation can make for its citizens. Unfortunately, we live in a country where there is little or no value attached to the education of citizens especially at the basic levels. This is either due to lack of good structural architectures, poor remuneration of personnel, lack of resources, or high cost of education. Consequently, the rate of out of school children has proliferated astronomically. Our nation is doomed if we all fold our hands and watch our brightest talents and potentials roam the street.

This will inarguably be an invitation to more crime, drug abuse, rape, human trafficking, prostitution, kidnapping to mention but a few.

Omo Alausa Foundation hopes to thrive by investing and giving opportunity to children and young people with distinct qualities of high academic success and educational curiosity by:

  • Building good school structures for most communities
  • Building Libraries and reading centers for communities especially in the rural areas, and
  • Giving of Scholarships and Educational stationary to children in school

Appeal for Support

Considering the enormity of the problems we are called to solve in our  society and the limited resources of the Omo Alausa Foundation, we appeal to the general public, private individuals, multinational companies, corporate organizations, International Organizations and other notable philanthropic bodies to support our lofty vision and contribute towards improving the well-being of our people. Together we can create that ideal society of our dream.

Enquiries: 09122182929