People all over the world are suffering as a result of poverty and famine. The poor are getting poorer and survival most times is difficult for them while others are living in affluence. The only solution to these problems is charity. Our people are in dire need of it and the best way to demonstrate charity is by giving to those who are financially incapable of improving the quality of their own lives. We have also discovered that there are more ways to help others around us than ever.

Omo Alausa Foundation, born out of the passion to provide large-scale humanitarian services to our beloved people by giving food, money, clothes, shelter etc to individuals, families and communities in critical need seeks to make enduring impact on lives by devoting a significant portion of its resources to provide relief to those individuals and communities affected by disaster, in need of hardship assistance, the homeless, victims of domestic violence, the destitute and a host of other programs that will make meaningful impact on the lives of our people. Hence, a more coordinated charity program shall be conducted by:

  • Constant donation of food items to the poor and less privilege
  • Donation of temporary / permanent shelter to the displaced and homeless
  • Donation of sanitary pads and bras to female adolescents
  • Donation of used and new clothes to the poor
  • Donation of cash, clothes, household items and medical supplies to victims of disasters, etc.

Appeal for Support

Considering the enormity of the problems we are called to solve in our  society and the limited resources of the Omo Alausa Foundation, we appeal to the general public, private individuals, multinational companies, corporate organizations, International Organizations and other notable philanthropic bodies to support our lofty vision and contribute towards improving the well-being of our people. Together we can create that ideal society of our dream.

Enquiries: 09122182929