Soft loans and Start-up Capital

It is germane for us to understand that with the present economic hardship in our country, many small businesses are folding up rapidly due to financial issues. Most of these businesses were sometimes the mainstay of most families providing a huge livelihood. Others are seemingly on the verge of closure if nothing is done to support them.

The idea of a soft interest-free loan is the best way out for our people since most of them cannot access the high-interest loans from banks and other financial institutions. Our soft interest-free loan is a deliberate effort to resurrect most businesses that are dead and birth other ones that are still in the realm of ideas. So, the loan is accessible to:

  • Market Women
  • Petty Traders
  • Farmers
  • Artisans
  • Beginning
  • Entrepreneurs etc

Appeal for Support

Considering the enormity of the problems we are called to solve in our  society and the limited resources of the Omo Alausa Foundation, we appeal to the general public, private individuals, multinational companies, corporate organizations, International Organizations and other notable philanthropic bodies to support our lofty vision and contribute towards improving the well-being of our people. Together we can create that ideal society of our dream.

Enquiries: 09122182929