Community Development

Virtually, every rational man in the world desires a sane, developed, balanced and inclusive society where there is harmony and peaceful coexistence. However, we have realized that the peaceful and progressive society we are desperate for cannot be achieved when most of our communities are in a disposable state; without good roads, hospitals /health Centers, electricity, Schools, Potable water to mention but a few. Our foundation will leave no stone unturned within our capacity to implement these meaningful socially-oriented projects that will assist in alleviating the sufferings of people. This will be done thus:

  • Grading / provision of accessible roads to rural communities.
  • Building of bridges, culverts and embankments for communities prone to erosion.
  • Building of hospitals and health centers for the treatment of sick people.
  • Building of town halls and /or civic centers for community meeting, and
  • Donations of waste baskets / bins to public places for a clean environment.

Appeal for Support

Considering the enormity of the problems we are called to solve in our  society and the limited resources of the Omo Alausa Foundation, we appeal to the general public, private individuals, multinational companies, corporate organizations, International Organizations and other notable philanthropic bodies to support our lofty vision and contribute towards improving the well-being of our people. Together we can create that ideal society of our dream.


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