It was a joyful tour , as Omo Alausa foundation visited all the five (5) local government tha makes up Epe Division

In a congrtulatory message issued by the CEO of Omo Alausa foundation Dr. Olayinka Alausa through the Director of media and publicity to the Foundation in person of Mr. Oyelara Saheed Adekunle, the CEO expressed his happiness to the newly executives chairmen and also wish them best in their daily activities.

Dr. Olayinka Alausa made it know to the executives chairmen that they have the creativity and determination to do whatever they dream and hope they feel proud today and confident in their ability to rise to their next challenge.

He said, they are proof that good things come to those who are willing to sacrifice to reach a worthywhile goal. Words can not express how proud I am ! He said”

Dr. Olayinka Alausa also said in his congratulatory message that he got the feeling that, this is the only beginning of even more great things to come to Epe Division as a whole.

Dr. Olayinka Alausa (CEO of Omo Alausa foundation) also said it is a privileged to congratulate all the chairmen in Epe Division and salute their ability to complete successful election.

He said the election to this exalted position is a confirmation of the trust and confidence the people have in their capabilities to lead.

He prays that God Almighty will grant them wisdom, knowledge and strength to carry on with the numerous tasks of setting straight the building blocks of the Local Government, so as to ensure the dividends of democracy transcends to all the communities.

Dr. Olayinka Alausa (CEO of Omo Alausa foundation) Said’ Chairmen your election is a litmus test as the entire communities of the local government will be looking up to you as a father and a bridge builder to exhibit exemplary leadership to the benefit of all.

He further advice that, leadership entails reaching out to as many as possible; consulting wide and far before taking decisions that will impact on the lives of the citizenry.

May God strengthen and guide you all as you take rightful decisions to ensure that we do not regret.

I wish you all the best throughout your tenure …..

Thank You !!!

Hon. Surah Animashaun —Epe Lga

Hon. Iismail Akinloye —Eredo Lcda

Hon. Adewale Anomo —Ikosi-Ejirin Lcda

Hon. Abdulahi Olowa —Ibeju-Lekki Lga

Hon. Bamidele Kasali — Lekki Lcda.

Long Live Epe Division

Long Live Lagos State

Long Live Nigeria…..


Oyelara Saheed Adekunle

Director Media and Publicity

Omo Alausa foundation.

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