What We Do

we are geared to give humanitarian, educational, community development and healthcare support to our  distressed, destitute and disadvantaged people and communities

Our Programme

Omo Alausa Foundation is a highly sensitive and socially-oriented  foundation, poised to genuinely support Nigerians within the Southwest geopolitical zone in order to get desired satisfaction and have a sense of belonging in the society.

This foundation will no doubt avoid the pitfalls that have destroyed many good initiatives similar to this in the past by being open to ideas and contributions that seek to foster progress and greater achievements from the whole family. Our programs are numerous, all-inclusive and cut across all ages, sex, occupations, etc. We accord children, young people, adults, the elderly and virtually everyone within our line of service the requisite support that will buoy their well-being.

Importantly, we are geared to give humanitarian, educational, community development and healthcare support to our  distressed, destitute and disadvantaged people and communities. Young people are also given the opportunity to realize their potential through our contemporary skill acquisition and talent development program as a means of building them to become viable members of society.


This will be achieved by daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly meetings either in the office or online to review the activities of the foundation and to ensure our services are in line with the global standards and are effectively changing the society for the better. This meeting will also review the nature of services we render and the scope of the foundation in line with available resources. In this way, the foundation shall give attention to the following projects as seen below.


People all over the world are suffering as a result of poverty and famine. The poor are getting poorer and survival most times is difficult for them while others are living in affluence. The only solution to these problems is charity. Our people are in dire need of it and the best way to demonstrate charity is by giving to those who are financially incapable of improving the quality of their own lives. We have also discovered that there are more ways to help others around us than ever.

Community Development

Virtually, every rational man in the world desires a sane, developed, balanced and inclusive society where there is harmony and peaceful coexistence. However, we have realized that the peaceful and progressive society we are desperate for cannot be achieved when most of our communities are in a disposable state; without good roads, hospitals /health Centers, electricity, Schools, Potable water to mention but a few. 

Educational Service

Education remains the greatest and most reliable asset and investment any nation can make for its citizens. Unfortunately, we live in a country where there is little or no value attached to the education of citizens especially at the basic levels. This is either due to lack of good structural architectures, poor remuneration of personnel, lack of resources, or high cost of education. Consequently, the rate of out of school children has proliferated astronomically. Our nation is doomed if we all fold our hands and watch our brightest talents and potentials roam the street.


Provision of Water

Water is a vital element in each of our lives. Not only is it essential to our health, but also we use it for numerous household tasks. The value of potable water cannot be over-emphasized as it is cardinal to our well being. Despite this, the hardship our people go through in search of potable water is unbearable. Some travel more than two (2) kilometers just to get water that is mostly good for drinking, especially during dry seasons. Many have also died by drinking contaminated water.

Skill Acquisition

We have discovered that everyone will not get a white collar job no matter how they try given the Imbalance between the number of jobs available and the number of job seekers. Skill acquisition program remains the only way to address the challenges of unemployment.


Health Outreach

The saying that a healthy person is also a wealthy person remains undisputable in our society and our time as people who are strong physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually can contribute and engage in any productive activities that will advance individual and societal course. 


Welfare Package

Every individual deserves a good health, dignity, security, economic independence and a happy life irrespective of age, sex, religion and cultural orientation. Sadly, many cannot afford this quality life on their own either due to age, disability, circumstances of birth etc.


Soft Loan

It is germane for us to understand that with the present economic hardship in our country, many small businesses are folding up rapidly due to financial issues. Most of these businesses were sometimes the mainstay of most families providing a huge livelihood. Others are seemingly on the verge of closure if nothing is done to support them.

u201cBy investing in children, together, we have the opportunity to create real, long-lasting change for families and com-munities around the world.u201d

John Edison

Children International President & CEO