Vision & Values

Our Vision

Dr. Olayinka Alausa and his wife are both individuals who understood the rigors of life right from time and have learned through the couth and the uncouth ways.

They always strived for excellence without compromising their reputations. They never settled for less either as they’re both renowned in their different professions and lines of interest. Their supreme virtue is spiritual attainment and that has constantly reflected in their lifestyles. Today, Omo Alausa Foundation is firmly established and glad to share in those values of high integrity, love, compassion, selflessness, and excellence. These values are deeply enshrined in all we do as a foundation, in our duties and responsibilities, our culture, and our relationship with people. We strongly believe that every outcome we are seeking as a charitable foundation is attainable only through these values.

Our Values

Giving Hope

To give hope to the needy


To give opportunity to those that deserve it.

Supporting Young People

To assist young people realize their potential.

Healthy Living

To ensure a healthy, strong and balanced people and society


To accelerate the development and progress of our society

Sense of Belonging

To ensure every individual has a sense of belonging in the society.

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