In it’s humanitarian drive, Omo Alausa foundation constructed and installed borehole to the people of Odan Aro Community in Otto-Awori LCDA and Mosafejo Community in Olorunda LCDA both in Badagry Division.

The people of this community we’re very happy and so greatfull to the CEO of Omo Alausa foundation Dr Olayinka Alausa for this great well done job by giving them borehole.

Water is very important in life and nobody can do without water .This is an opportunity for the people of this communities for having a borehole in the vicinity.

Thousands of people now have significantly improved access to water because the only alternative for the communities to get water before was to walk over 3km to look for safe drinking water , although other’s collected water from a nearby well which produced dirty and unsafe water.

Drinking this unsafe had damaging effect on the health of those in the communities especially the children.

Children we’re often responsible for walking the long distance to collect water which prevented many of them from attending school and receiving their education.The alternative borehole in other community we’re always busy and congested, so those collecting water would wake early in the morning and wait hours for their turns to use the pump.

Installing the borehole has massively improved the lives of those in the community.They no longer have to walk the long distance to look for drinking and no one has to drink unsafe water from the well.

This will also reduce the stress and frustration people go through walking several distance in search of water in the community and it will also reduce the health issue associated with drinking unclean water and also save time and resources involved searching for water in community far away.

When the borehole was commission, there was joy and happiness on the faces of two community people including the Balle Of Oke-Agbo in Odan Aro community Otto-Awori LCDA in person of High Chief Abu Muinu and High Chief Taiwo Oriade Ajiyon ( Baale Of Mosafejo ) Olohuda LCDA

Mr Azzez Alabi CDA Chairman of Odan Aro Community in Oke-Agbo Ekunpa town Otto-Awori LCDA and Prince Pauis the CDC Chairman of Olorunda LCDA send their special thanks to the CEO of Omo Alausa foundation and his lovely wife Dr and Mrs Olayinka Alausa for this huge and great project, may God Almighty bless them both.

You are a great philanthropist, we appreciate you sir , you shall never lack,God favour and mercy will always be with you.

This are the words’ coming out from the people of the community.

Thank You Thank You and God bless you .


Oyelara Saheed Adekunle

Director Media and Publicity

Omo Alausa Foundation

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